5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy

Our pets are part of the family and we want to give the best life possible. Sure, we could go pick up whatever pet food or snack is out there and move on with our day. But, it doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for them. We wouldn’t do that for ourselves, so why do it for your furry friend. Here are five ways to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Spend Time with Your Pet

The more time you spend with your pet, the better you’ll get to know them - how they normally act, their likes and dislikes, what upsets them, and what makes them happy. This can help you recognize when they just aren’t acting like themselves. It also helps you recognize changes in their physical condition or behavior that could indicate a bigger/deeper issue such as foul-smelling breath, changes in appetite, changes in activity level, changes in their skin or fur, excessive panting, etc.

Keep Your Pet’s Mouth Clean

Morning breath is the worst. To keep your furry friend’s breath smelling fresh and to keep them healthy, you need to be proactive about their dental health. This means regularly brushing your pet’s mouth, including their gums and teeth. You can also incorporate dental treats and toys into their daily routine. Protecting your pet’s dental health. If you don’t, your pet is susceptible to many dental diseases and health issues such as pain, plaque, tartar, tooth loss, oral cancers, blood infections, heart disease, kidney problems, liver abscesses, etc.

Keep Your Pet Fit

We’re concerned about our own waistlines, but it’s also important to keep your pet lean. It is estimated that over 50% of cats and dogs in the US are obese or overweight. Several health issues including heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, ligament injuries, and even cancer can result from your bet being too heavy. Making smarter choices for your pet’s diet can help keep them lean. This means feeding them a balanced diet for their breed and age. Your vet can help you figure out what the best diet is, including how much your pet should be eating.

Don’t forget to get steps in too! Taking your pet for regular walks can help keep them lean. It also helps preserve muscle tone and joint movement too. However, it’s important to keep the weather in mind when you go on your walks. You should avoid the hottest part of the day as the asphalt can burn your pet’s feet.

Protect Your Pet with Vaccines

Just like your baby, your pet can benefit from vaccines. These vaccines can help give your pet the needed immunity to fight illnesses and diseases. Your vet will give you a schedule for the vaccines your pet needs. Getting your pet vaccinated can keep them from unnecessarily suffering from preventable diseases.

Visit Your Vet Regularly

If you want to keep your pet healthy and happy, the best thing you can do is visit your vet regularly. A vet works with pets all the time and can recognize health issues early on. Early detection is often important in getting the best prognosis. Plus, treating your pet’s condition is often less costly if it is diagnosed before it becomes advanced and serious.

One of the Family

Your pet is just another member of the family. Keeping them happy and healthy means making smarter choices for your pet’s health. With a little bit of effort, you can make sure they live a full and happy life.

Let us know what you do to make sure your pet stays healthy and happy in the comments below!





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