Iguanas Are Interesting Pets, and Here Are Five Facts to Prove It!

Sure, you could have a dog or a cat for a pet. After all, they’re cute and cuddly. You might even go for a potbelly pig or hamster. But it takes a special person to say, “I want an iguana for a pet!”

After all, a pet iguana isn’t going to give you a cuddle after a rough day at work. Nor are they going to come running up to you because they’re happy you’re home. But don’t let dissuade you from getting an iguana.

Iguanas are cool and make for interesting pets – and here are some facts to prove it!

  1. Green iguanas are the type of iguana most commonly kept as pets, and they are native to the Caribbean and Central and South America. They can also be found in Florida, Hawaii, and Texas. Because they come from places where the climate is often hot and humid, you will want to make sure you keep them contained in an area that mimics these conditions.

  2. Iguanas have a very long lifespan. In captivity, iguanas have been known to live 20 or more years – which means you’ll have a companion for a long time when you choose an iguana as a pet and properly care for them.

  3. While an iguana may come to you relatively small in size, don’t let that fool you into thinking they will stay that way. Because of their long lifespan, iguanas can grow to be as long as six feet from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. And yes, most of that length is from their tail.

  4. Did you know that iguanas love…vegetables? They do! Iguanas are predominantly herbivores (although they do eat the occasional insect). They love fruits and vegetables, and you will find that pet iguanas are encouraged to eat a diet that consists mainly of these things as a diet high in protein can damage their kidneys.

  5. Iguanas can shed their tail – it’s true! In the wild, an iguana may break off its tail to get away from a predator. At home, you will find that if you grab them by the tail or they injure it, it may come off, too. If your iguana is healthy, it will grow back. (Keep in mind that you should visit your veterinarian to ensure there is no other damage should your pet iguana lose their tail.)

What do you think? Is a pet iguana for you? They are definitely a unique pet, and while they may not give you cuddles or lick your face like your average cat or dog, do know that your iguana will recognize you? Because here’s one final interesting fact: Iguanas are capable of recognizing their owners by sight and sound. (Yes, your iguana will recognize your face and the sound of your voice!) How cool is that?!






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