Your Guide to Pet Health and Wellness at Home

The bond between humans and their pets is undeniable. Part of nurturing this bond is making sure to take care of your pet’s health and wellness at home. Just as with humans, prevention is often the most important thing you can do.

Enhance your pet’s quality of life by taking preventive actions to ensure your pet’s health and wellness. Here are some of the top things you can do:


When it comes to your pet’s nutrition there are two key things: (1) feeding them the right food and (2) feeding them the right amount of food. You want to make sure your pet’s food has the nutrients they need for growth and development. Your vet can give you recommendations for your pet’s best diet to help with weight control and any other existing health issues.


Many pets are overweight or obese and their owners don’t even realize it. This is why exercise is so important (just like it is for us!). Keeping your pet’s weight in check can increase their energy levels, improve their fitness, and reduce any pain they’re feeling. The best way to do this is with a regular exercise routine such as morning walks or runs.

Dental Care

Dental issues can be a serious problem for your pet since they can lead to other health issues like heart disease or kidney failure. At-home dental care for your pet is easy with dental chews or a simple toothbrush. You can also get them professionally cleaned to reduce the frequency of dental diseases.


Keeping your pet healthy means keeping them well-groomed. Make sure you’re bathing them properly and keeping their nails or hooves trimmed. It’s also important to make sure you’re cleaning your pet’s ears too to make sure there isn’t a build-up of dirt that can lead to infection.


Our pets get sick. But, they don’t have to. Many core and non-core vaccinations are available to protect our furry friends (and ourselves) from serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites like fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites can greatly deteriorate the quality of life for your pets. There areseveral preventative treatments that can keep these parasites away, keeping your pet healthy, happy, and playful. 

Environmental Enrichment and Social Stimulation

Enhancing your pet’s environment can help satisfy their physical and psychological needs. This can also help reduce stress and improve their mental health. It can be as simple as bringing new toys and materials into the space, having your pet interact with other pets, hiding food for your pet to find. All of these help your pet feel in control of their environment and helps give them something to do.

Quality Time

Spending time with your pet is mutually beneficial. Our pets become happier when we spend time with them and it also gives us a chance to bond with and observe them. Regularly playing and taking time to know your pet will help you recognize any changes in their behavior, skin, or coat that need to be examined by your vet. 

Safety First

Regardless of what kind of pet you have, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe. This means keeping poisonous plants out of the home, avoid giving them dangerous foods with small bones or that they’re allergic to, using pet-friendly cleaning supplies, and securing window screens. It also means making sure their water bowl stays full and clean and that you take measures to keep them cool in the summertime. It’s also important to make sure any electrical wires are hidden to help keep your pets safe (especially during the holiday season).

Our pets are often just another member of the family. We want to take care of them the same way we take care of ourselves and our loved ones. These simple tasks will help ensure that your pet stays healthy and that you protect their mental health while being stuck at home.


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