Modern Dog Pens

Clearly Loved Pets modern enclosures provide an oversized space for your pet, while decreasing the visual clutter of a traditional pen or cage. The patent pending design allows your pet an unobstructed view of you, your home, your yard, and potential threats like the postman!

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Over-sized space

Modern modular design to customize size and shape

Door with walk-in access for pet owners

Comprised of clear acrylic wall panels, aluminum tubes, and stainless-steel hardware

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Decrease in distress and anxiety for pets

Reduces stress and guilt for pet owners

Pets are not behind bars

360-degree views

Pleasing aesthetic leads to more favorable placement in the heart of the home

Color options to match any décor

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Five color choices: silver, blue, green, pink & gunmetal

Two heights: 27 & 36 inch

Three sizes: small, medium & large

Expansion & Bump out kits available

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Great product and super customer service! We purchased the 48”x48” in the 36” tall model for our dog. We really like this pen and our dog is very calm in it and even sleeps in it during the day with the door open.

Gregory M

Absolutely amazing! Fits perfect with my decor, functional and I always get compliments from guests. Best purchase I made, and I highly recommended this for all pet owners. Your little furry friends will thank you 🙂

Stephanie C

The pen was received on time, assembly instructions were clear, and all parts fit. When the pen was done, we introduced it to our 4+ month old labradoodle. After 2 or 3 try outs he was happy as could be in the pen. He even goes in of his own volition and takes a nap on his bed.

Dan W

We love the look of this playpen in our house! My dogs are happy hanging out in it and they quickly figured out that they couldn't walk through the clear glass! Everyone who sees it wants to know where we got it!

Diana M

I love the our new dog pen! It’s super clean and modern and goes really well with our home decor. It may seem little pricey compared to other dog pens but it’s totally worth it!

Brandon G

Photos of Our Furry Friends