Modern Pet Pens

Make Your Pet Feel Like Family


Modern Elevated

Level Up Your Pet’s Dining Experience


Luxurious Pet Beds

Let Your Pet Feel at Home in Style


Modern Pet Pens

Make Your Pet Feel Like Family


Modern Elevated

Level Up Your Pet’s Dining Experience


Luxurious Pet Beds

Let Your Pet Feel at Home in Style


Is Your Pet Like Family?

Caring pet parents view their animals as valued family members, ensuring they receive love, comfort, and a genuine sense of inclusion.

We All Want to Feel at Home

You've invested effort into making your home beautiful and welcoming. Adding a pet introduces challenges, like potential damage to furniture and extra clutter. Ensuring your pet’s safety without resorting to an unattractive enclosure is important for those of us who love our pets and value our home's aesthetics. It's essential to find creative solutions that respect both our pets and the beauty of our living spaces.

Innovative Products to Make Pets (and People) Happy

Clearly Loved Pets introduced the clear pet playpen to address these challenges. We have helped tens of thousands of pet lovers create beautiful, dedicated spaces for their pets. Having a beautiful enclosure allows pets to live in the heart of their human home, so they feel the loving connection all family members deserve.

Testimonial image 1.jpg__PID:7c80a629-044c-4365-8acc-39bc6668b526

I absolutely love these pet pens!!! They are such a sleek & beautiful addition to my home decor & do not look or feel like a cage at all. I love my dogs dearly & I want them to feel comfortable & safe. They love that they can see out clearly & have no problem going into them when I say "okay, it's time to go night-night".

Lisa L. – 3/13/24

Testimonial image 2.jpg__PID:80a62904-4c93-450a-8c39-bc6668b526e8

The add-on has been a great addition to my bunnies pen. Now their litter pan is in housed in the bump out space which gives them a full 4x4+ pen to move around in at night and when I’m not home. Set up was easy, quality and craftsmanship of the pen is exceptional, and I’m very happy with the purchase. Shipping has been quick on both of my purchases and packaging is above and beyond.

 Sherri A. – 2/14/24

Testimonial image 3.jpg__PID:a629044c-9365-4acc-b9bc-6668b526e81c

My precious one is so small right now and this is a safe environment for him while he is growing. I think he appreciates being able to see me easily and it looks nice in my living room.

 Susan T. - 1/17/24

 New Product Alert...

Say hello to Nari and Haru. They are modeling our new Modern Acrylic Beds. Our beds have 3 inch thick memory foam cushions with washable faux fur tops. The clear acrylic base matches beautifully with our clear play pens. The top edge of the acrylic is polished smooth for comfort. They are available in two sizes and two colors. 

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