36" Medium Lucidium Pen

The Medium Lucidium Dog Pen is an oversized, indoor enclosure, with two color choices and a drop-down bar at the door for walk-in access, and clear panels so pets are not behind bars.

All Lucidium pens are intended for small and medium breed dogs (up to 40 lbs.), puppies, and other small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, kittens, and ferrets. They are not designed for large dog breeds.


The pens are comprised of:
  • A scratch resistant aluminum frame in your choice of three colors
  • Clear acrylic wall panels
  • Injection molded plastic connectors
  • Custom designed modern hardware

Leaving a dog home alone, encaged, is a stressful and unpleasant necessity for many dog owners. Often this circumstance leads to guilt for the owner, and potentially distress for the dog. The Lucidium Dog Pen offers an alternative.

  • Height: 36"
  • Width x Length: 48" x 48" OR 24" x 72"

The Lucidium Dog Pen is designed for small to medium sized dogs. Ultimately, it is up to the pet owner to decide if this enclosure is appropriate for their pet. Some active medium dogs may be able to jump out of the pen. Some older or shorter large dogs may do well in this pen. If you are unsure, please consult with your veterinarian.

Please watch the video below to understand the pen assembly process. While this video specifically shows assembly of a 27″ tall, medium size pen, the process is similar for all models.

Introducing Your Dog to the New Pen

Once you have your pen assembled, bring your dog to the walls and tap on them with your fingers to introduce your dog to the concept of “clear” walls. Some dogs may bump into the walls at first, however most adjust quickly. If needed, place a strip of masking tape on the outside of the wall panels, at your dog’s eye level, for several days.

Cleaning Your New Dog Pen

The acrylic walls of the pen should be cleaned with non-ammonia glass cleaner or a solution of diluted vinegar and water (4 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a soft cloth. Mild soap and water can also be used. Do not use ammonia based glass cleaners or any abrasive cleaners. Other parts of the pen may be cleaned with mild soap and water.


Periodically check fasteners to be sure they are snug. Check door hardware to be sure fasteners are secure. Do not over tighten any hardware.


The pen can be partially or completely disassembled (except the door frame, which is permanently assembled) if it needs to be stored or moved. Simply reverse the steps used to assemble it. To move the assembled pen, close and latch the door and secure the swing arm with the two sliding sleeves.



5/5 My Dogs love it!

Posted by Daniel on Jul 1, 2019

It’s very spacious and easy to install!

4/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Olivia Lu on May 15, 2019

very easy to install. Much much prettier than what we used to have for the pups. Now it’s part of the decor in the room. Pups were confused at first, but quickly adapted and love it. The owner Wayne is also very helpful when placing the order. My configuration is a bit unique, he helped me to figure out what kit to purchase patiently and genuinely. Thank you

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Greg Mathewson on Apr 19, 2019

Great product and super customer service! We purchased the 48”x48” in the 36” tall model for our dog. We really like this pen and our dog is very calm in it and even sleeps in it during the day with the door open.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Michael Hayes on Mar 31, 2019

Love the look. Wish I could add a photo. Assembly took about an hour. Not hard, just go slow and follow instructions. I wish I could add a photo as it looks really slick. My dogs

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Michelle Browning on Feb 7, 2019

These are the best pens for moms and pups that I have ever used, so so easy to clean, much easier than iris pens, I will never buy anything else again..Thanks for this fantastic product!!

4/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Jen Carlson on Sep 8, 2018

I really love this pen! It looks amazing and our puppies seem to love it. My only downside is I do see scratches forming in the plexiglass. I’m hoping they’ll stay unnoticeable but otherwise his pen amazing. We get so many compliments on it! It looks so much nicer in our space than a metal pen. I would totally buy again!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Christine Lacasse on Sep 4, 2018

We saw this at BunFest and we thought it was a great idea, we ordered one and the set up was easy, What I like most about it is that I can see clearly what is going on and things (like poop) stay put. No more escapees from the old pen.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Andria Pardes on Jul 24, 2018

AMAZING! Not only am I a owner of dogs, I am also Interior Designer . This product is not only beautiful it is so well made. I highly recommend !!!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Brenda Hellinger Goldberg on Jul 24, 2018

My pups hated a traditional kennel, they would cry, bark and be miserable. This clear kennel they love they take their naps and go in with no resistance. Best Buy ever happy pups, happy mom

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Audra L Evans on Jul 24, 2018

Beautiful puppy kennel, makes you not feel bad for keeping your little guy in it. Looks great in my home too!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Lillie Nefwani on Jul 18, 2018

I love me clearly loved pet play pen and my dogs so too!! It’s so classy and clean and is a great accent in my living room!!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Ronda Hartman on Jul 17, 2018

I highly recommend! Great appearance, functional and compliments the decor.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Alex on Jun 15, 2018

We bought this for our bonded pair of bunnies as an alternative to an XPen and it works great. Very good construction and high quality. Would buy again without question.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by on Jun 5, 2018

This is such a great concept. We do not have a dog. But use it for our bunny! We made it the long more narrow way and attached it to her double decker condo and now she has a place to Bunny when she does not have the run of house. She just loves it and seems just so happy!! When my bunny is happy I’m happy:) Watching her binky (random leaps of joy) is the best! It’s also very aesthetically pleasing! Great product!!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Shannon Cail on Jun 5, 2018

I have a single bunny who has free range of his own bedroom. We have 2 dogs, and although they do all get along, it’s nice for Calvin to have his own “house” to relax in. Great construction, design and so much nicer than the typical metal exercise pen. Thank you Clearly Loved Pets… we LOVE IT!

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Deborah Eskow on May 31, 2018

As a kitty rescue I needed a secure area to house tiny kittens…a pen they could not climb up…I found this amazing pen and it is working out beautifully. Eventually they will get big enough to jump out….but by then they will be big enough to be fostered in a room, the pen is amazing to keep little kittens safe and they are still loving it. I am so happy that I actually found exactly what I needed….and it is also very attractive.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by on May 22, 2018

I love clearly loved pet medium dog pen. It holds up well and is made of excellent quality. They area great company to work with and I would highly recommend them.

5/5 Review of Medium Lucidium Dog Pen

Posted by Debra Brenneman-Gentzler on Feb 26, 2018

Our little tea-cup poodle loves it !!!!!!

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