Lucidium Pet Pens

Lucidium Pet Pens

We Look at Pet Pens Differently...You Can Too.

What makes our pet pens stand out from the competition is that they do not create the disturbing visual clutter and oppressive feeling of a traditional wire cage or kennel. Style and function! But this is hardly the only reason.

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Easy Access to Care for Your Pet

Our patented walk through door allows you to easily enter your pet's pen so you can conveniently maintain their space. No more stepping over the side, or crawling through a door. This feature also allows us to offer the tallest clear pen on the market.

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Fits Your Space

The Lucidium design is modular and can be configured in various sizes and shapes. Our Universal Add-on Kits provide additional parts to expand or reshape your pen, without having buy a whole additional pen. 

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Connect With Your Pet

Your pet wants a clear view of what you are doing. They feel connected to us by watching every move we make. Clear walls make it easy for them to watch and relax. Likewise, we like to keep an eye on our pets. The Lucidium Pen allows us to view pets with a quick glance, or if you are away from home, you can use a video camera for remote monitoring.

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Not Just for Dogs

Our indoor dog play pens are intended for use with small to medium sized dogs as well as a large variety of other animals! If you have a pet that needs to be contained in some type of enclosure, look no further! Our transparent acrylic pens provide a generous space for pets to lounge, play, heal, be adored, and much more.

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Why is the Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen better than other dog pens?

Why do people put their pets in an enclosure?

Sometimes people ask out of curiosity and sometimes out of disdain, ‘Why do you put your pet in a cage or a crate or even a clear pet pen?’

We do understand that no one wants to cage their pet, but the answer is pretty simple; it all boils down to protection. Here are a few different scenarios to consider:

Clearly Loved Pets has manufactured acrylic, clear walled pet pens since 2016. With tens of thousands of units sold - we’ve learned a few things. Why trust your pet’s safety to the cheapest enclosure when they deserve the BEST.

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