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Clearly Loved Pets welcomes you to the one place on the web where you can view and shop every size and color available of our flagship product, the Lucidium Pet Pen.

The above indoor dog play pens are intended for use with small to medium sized dogs as well as a large variety of other animals! If you have a pet that needs to be contained in some type of enclosure, look no further! Our transparent acrylic pens provide a generous space for pets to lounge, play, heal, be adored, and much more.

What makes our pet pens stand out versus competition is that they do not create the disturbing visual clutter and oppressive feeling of a traditional wire cage or kennel. Style and function! But this is hardly the only reason.

Why is Clearly Loved Pets’ Lucidium Pet Pen better than other dog pens?

1. One of the most important features of our pen is the patented walkthrough door. This critical design element allows for all pet owners – short and tall, young and old – to access and enter their pet’s pen for cleaning or feeding without struggling to climb over a wall.

2. Our pens are large! Even our ‘Size Small’ pen is spacious and comfortable in any apartment or house. We encourage pet owners to provide the largest space possible to ensure the greatest level of comfort and movement and to decrease the feeling of confinement experienced in a typical cage or kennel.

3. If you have adopted your pet from a shelter, you may know that many rescued animals suffer from crate-hate. They are traumatized by the experience of being confined for long periods of time and they have a particularly strong reaction to being caged. Pets can also feel lonely, powerless, fearful, and anxious in a small enclosure. Fill up their Clearly Loved Pets pen with toys, a bed, a potty area, and other comfort items so they can peacefully relax.

4. The location of your pet pen within your home is far more important than you may think! Your pet never wants to be excluded from what you are doing; even if they can’t sit at the dinner table, they still want eyes on you. Our pens are aesthetically pleasing additions to your décor so you can keep your pet’s space located in the heart of your home along with all your other high-quality furniture. Our pens are beautiful, and they contribute to your home’s loving vibes.

5. We are the original clear pet pen, born from our own personal desire to provide a more humane enclosure for our pets. We did not copy or replicate anyone’s design – we invented this product and revolutionized the way people think about securing their pets. The Lucidium Pet Pen from Clearly Loved Pets is a labor of love that came from our hearts, and that may be the most compelling reason of all. It was made for pets, by people who can’t help but love their animals.

6. Each and every indoor dog play pens are made from exceptionally high quality materials that are ready to stand up to your pet with scratch resistant clear panels and sturdy frames.

7. Our pet pens are easy to put together. We offer a helpful instructional video in case you need a visual reference too.

8. And last, but not least, each model you see above can be customized in size, configuration and style. We offer a Universal Expansion Kit, which can be used to expand your current pen by one size OR create a bump-up section perfect for a potty area or sleeping area. As for style, in addition to the different colors offered, look no further than our testimonials to see how people are putting our pens to use as part of their home’s decor.

Why do people put their pets in an enclosure?

Sometimes people ask out of curiosity and sometimes out of disdain, ‘Why do you put your pet in a cage or a crate or even a clear pet pen?’

We do understand that no one wants to cage their pet, but the answer is pretty simple; it all boils down to protection. Here are a few different scenarios to consider:

• Puppies. These tiny canines are much like babies. They need to be watched at all times to ensure that they don’t chew or eat something dangerous, track pee and poop all over your house, or fall down the stairs or in the pool. If they are not being directly supervised, they should be protected in a cozy, comfortable indoor dog play pen.

• Rabbits. Bunny rabbits are very popular house pets, and they love to chew! A free roaming bunny is usually a happy bunny, but if not supervised they can chew electrical wires, toxic plants, phone and computer cords, all of which are dangerous to their health. They also can make a very expensive chew toy out of your carpets, moldings, furniture, and drywall. An unsupervised bun can be a danger to themselves and your home!

• Kittens. Like puppies, kittens can easily get hurt if left unprotected to wander a home. Once these kitties have grown though, don’t expect our pen to contain them (unless maybe you pair it with one of our cat cave beds)

• Disabled animals are especially vulnerable. Blind and lame animals can be further injured by undetected threats such a flight of stairs or children that play too rough.

• Post-surgical pets often need to rest, which can be difficult in a busy household. The Lucidium Pen offers the ability to see what is going on without being in the mix. This helps recovering pets remain calm rather than increasing anxiety in a cage or crate.

• Whelping. Giving birth to babies requires a designated space – any mother can confirm! Our indoor dog play pen ensures a large, expandable if needed, delivery area where animals can be joined with human family members and feel secure but not restrained. Humans can also leave their whelping pets to deliver free from intrusion yet still be able to carefully watch and provide assistance if needed.

• Peace, relaxation, and separation from other family members including other pets, small overzealous children, and guests the pet isn’t used to. Sometimes we all need a little downtime to promote wellbeing!

So aside from dogs, cats, and rabbits, what other pets enjoy a clear oversized indoor pet pen?

Guinea Pigs! Guinea Pigs are active for up to 20 hours a day! That means they need plenty of space to play, hide, and tunnel. Our pens provide a fantastic space to set up a Guinea Pig wonderland complete with a designated location for eating and a potty area. Other small pets known to enjoy our pens include hamsters, chinchillas, rats, gerbils, and bearded dragons.

Customers also use our indoor dog pens for mini pigs, baby goats and sheep, and many other types of animals that are either babies or are recovering from an injury.


What size pen should I get?

Customers frequently ask what size pen is best for their pet. It seems like the size should be related to the size of your pup/pet with small being the size for smaller pets and large for larger pets. To some extent this is true, but our pens are all fairly large and so we advise that pet owners purchase in accordance with how long your pet will be in the pen. For example, if you only use the pen at bedtime, a size small may provide plenty of space for sleeping. On the other hand, if you work long days during which time your pet will be in their PENthouse, we recommend providing a large space with a designated bathroom area, water bowl, basket of toys, play space, and a bed.

What height should I get?

Don’t be fooled by small pups like Yorkies! These tiny rascals can jump!!! Frenchies and any type of poodle mix – they can also jump! In short (no pun intended), this depends on your particular pet. Here are a few rules of thumb, but with a disclaimer first: some pets never jump at all, even if they can, and others jump to record setting heights considered “atypical” for the breed. If you are not sure, you can check with your vet, but also trust your gut. You know better than anyone if your pet is an athlete or a couch potato.

Yorkie, Frenchie, Poodle-mix, Shiba Inu, Alaskan Klee Kai, Mini Schnauzer, Mini Pinscher, Beagles, Rabbits, Ferrets, Rats, Chinchillas – 36” height.
Corgi, dachshund, Maltese, Pomeranian, Havanese, Shih Tzu, Brussels Griffon, Bichon Frise, Pug, Lhasa Apso, Chihuahua, Westies (can go either way), Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Bearded Dragons – 27” height.

Can I make my existing pen bigger?

Yes! Not only can you make it bigger, you can also change the shape! Our Universal Kits work together with your existing pen to create many different options for increasing the size and configurations of your pen. If you have a small pen to begin with, adding one Universal Kit will transform your small into a medium. Likewise, if you have a medium the Universal Kit can be used to make a large.

You can even make a pen that is an XL or XXL! Alternatively, the Universal Kit can be used to create a “bump out” space. The “bump out” is a 2 ft x 2ft expansion that forms a cube of space, which is a perfect location to set up a potty area for your pet. The space can also be used for a bed or for feeder. Please refer to our Universal Kits product listing page for additional information and diagrams of configuration options.

Thank you for visiting our Pet Pen Product Page. Find some inspiration on our Gallery Page as you plan the perfect PENthouse for your pet!