36" Tall Large Lucidium Pet Pen

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The large 36” height pen is the most popular of our taller height pens. Loved by pup owners, this pen is also a favorite for folks with bunny rabbits, ferrets, and kittens! It can be set up in two different rectangular configurations (2 panels x 3 panels or 1 panel x 4 panels).

The Large 36” Lucidium Dog Pen is an oversized, indoor enclosure, with 3 color choices, a drop-down bar at the door for walk-in access, and clear panels.

 All Lucidium pens are intended for small and medium breed dogs (up to 40 lbs.), puppies, and other small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, kittens, and ferrets. They are not designed for large dog breeds or pets that are aggressively trying to escape.


Height: 36"

Width x Length: 48" x 72"  or  24" x 96"  (Can be assembled either way)

Approximate weight assembled: 60 lbs.


Leaving a dog home alone, encaged, is a stressful and unpleasant necessity for many dog owners. Often this circumstance leads to guilt for the owner, and potentially distress for the dog. The Lucidium Dog Pen offers an alternative.

The enclosure is much larger than a typical crate, and has 360 degree views.

The pleasing aesthetic will lead to more favorable placement in the heart of the home, perhaps by a sliding glass door, so dogs have an interesting and unobstructed view, while they enjoy the space to move around and stretch out.

The design is modular, which offers the option to change the size or shape with an add-on kit to accommodate additional dogs, or changes in residence. 

Three color options (white, gunmetal and silver) provide owners with further customization to match their home décor, and/or their animals gender.

The generous space inside the pen may need to be cleaned, or arranged at times. The walk-through door provides easy access, which is especially beneficial for older pet owners, or pet owners with health challenges.

After-sale services include a 30-day return period, and a 90-day limited-warranty on parts and workmanship


The pens are comprised of:

- A scratch resistant aluminum frame in your choice of three colors

- Clear acrylic wall panels

- Injection molded plastic connectors

- Custom designed modern hardware

- Dimensions shown above are to the centerline of the vertical tubes. Outside length and width are 1 inch larger. Inside dimensions are 1 inch smaller

Pen Care

The Lucidium Dog Pen is designed for small to medium sized dogs. Ultimately, it is up to the pet owner to decide if this enclosure is appropriate for their pet. Some active medium dogs may be able to jump out of the pen. Some older or shorter large dogs may do well in this pen. If you are unsure, please consult with your veterinarian.
Please watch the video below to understand the pen assembly process. While this video specifically shows assembly of a 36″ tall, medium size pen, the process is similar for all models.

Assembly Video

Introducing Your Dog to the New Pen

Once you have your pen assembled, bring your dog to the walls and tap on them with your fingers to introduce your dog to the concept of “clear” walls. Some dogs may bump into the walls at first, however most adjust quickly. If needed, place a strip of masking tape on the outside of the wall panels, at your dog’s eye level, for several days.

Cleaning Your New Dog Pen

The acrylic walls of the pen should be cleaned with non-ammonia glass cleaner or a solution of diluted vinegar and water (4 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a soft cloth. Mild soap and water can also be used. Do not use ammonia based glass cleaners or any abrasive cleaners. Other parts of the pen may be cleaned with mild soap and water.


Periodically check fasteners to be sure they are snug. Check door hardware to be sure fasteners are secure. Do not over tighten any hardware.


The pen can be partially or completely disassembled (except the door frame, which is permanently assembled) if it needs to be stored or moved. Simply reverse the steps used to assemble it. To move the assembled pen, close and latch the door and secure the swing arm with the two sliding sleeves.