“I am so pleased with this pen! I have had my rabbit's pen in the most frequently visible and central location in the house. This pen is so much nicer to look at. I consider it a piece of furniture, not a pen.”


“No more FOMO for both the pet and parent. This is a very stylish play pen. I was able to put it together myself in an hour so it wasn’t rocket science. Our puppy went into it by himself and I think he doesn’t mind it as much than the old fold up fabric kind because he can see us.”


“After having this beautiful kennel for the past month my dogs no longer bark when they are in the pen; even the exterminator noticed how calm they are and told my husband.”


“We recently purchased a medium size pen for our rabbit. Not only does it look nice in our living room, it is such a great space for him while he is not free roaming. No bars and he can see what’s going on around him. Great quality product and easy to assemble.”


“Love this product! We ordered the large dog pen! Easy to install and looks fantastic! Would recommend to anyone!”


“I love the clear modern look and how great it looks in our home. I love that I was able to buy extra extensions and there’s a bump out kit available. My pups are doing so great in it and I’m very happy with my purchase.”


“Lovely pen and great customer service! Michou and Lumi love theirs. Thank you for everything!!!”


“I can’t say enough great things about this company! We love our pens - but the customer service has been beyond exceptional.”


“Convenient, stylish, safe, socially adaptable, strong and easily moved.”


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