No, we do not offer a top for our pens. We have not found a top material yet that will keep a dog safe and secure, provide adequate air flow, and maintain the modern look of the pen.

No, we do not offer floor options. Some customers use sheet vinyl flooring under their pens. It’s available at home improvement stores. You can buy as many feet as you need off a roll and it comes in a variety of styles and colors.

All pens and kits are available in 27″ and 36″ heights.

Yes. We can ship to these destinations via USPS Priority Mail, but there are additional charges. Please contact us at for more information/pricing.

International orders can be through our listings on eBay. There is an additional charge for shipping and you will also pay the duties right there on eBay. After entering your address, you will be able to see your total cost before ordering. Shipping times can be 10-15 business days. The Global Shipping Center is located in Kentucky and orders ship internationally from there. You will receive two different tracking numbers - one within the US with an address in Kentucky and then a Global shipping number.

There is no specific size that is perfect for a given dog breed. However, here are some important factors to consider:

  • How much space is available? Measure your floor space so you know how much room you have available for your pen. Our standard pens are: Small – 2′ x 4′, Medium – 4′ x 4′, Large – 4′ x 6′. We also offer kits to change the shape or size in 2 foot increments.
  • Why are you buying the pen? Will your pet be in it for just short periods of time while you are home, or will he be left alone for hours while you are at work? Our pens are intended to give your pet a comfortable, safe space. They should be able to move around.
  • What will you include in the pen? Are you going to add a bed, food and water bowls, a pee pad? These will take up some of the available space. Leave room for your fur baby to move around too.
  • How big will your dog eventually get? A smaller size might be fine for a puppy but consider your pet’s expected full size. You can add on to the pen later with our kits or buy bigger now and leave out a couple of wall sections until later.
  • How high can your dog jump? All of our pens are intended for small and medium breeds. Our 36″ high pens are intended for small and medium breeds that can jump over the shorter 27″ walls.

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