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General Questions

No.  Our pens are not approved for use with human babies, kids, adults, or the elderly.  

People use all different types of flooring for their pens depending on their style and needs.  Vinyl flooring is available by the foot from stores like Home Depot and Lowes.  Washable rugs are a nice option for pets; a company named “Ruggable” has many beautiful styles. 

Washable “pee pads” are popular for puppies and seniors and they come in many sizes and colors.

Some people use children’s play mats to keep the pen playful and soft. 

First, we want to add this disclaimer – We have not safety tested any of these products for use with our pen. We are just sharing with you some flooring options that our customers have shared with us.

Some options are better suited for protection and other are great for comfort. Here are some recommendations:


Vinyl Rug Flooring on Etsy

There are a number of different shops that sell these and some of the shops have hundreds of choices.

Here is one from Birdsecho


And here is one from Sparrowfloor


And here is one from Gals Magical Closet


You can also purchase vinyl flooring by the foot from Home Depot or Lowes.



Other people use a Ruggable rug. These rugs are very stylish and washable, and they are available in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. 


Washable Pee Pads

Here is a link to the washable pee pad pictured below. It comes as a two-pack, so one can be used while the other is in the wash. It has an anti-slip layer on the bottom, which helps it from sliding around. It comes in is 48” x 48”, which fits nicely in the medium pen.


Here is a similar option.

Other Options

Here is a link to a waterproof soft pad/rug barrier made of memory foam from DuPont.

Some people also use children’s play mats like these.

Or these


Hope that these ideas help you to find the flooring that will work best for you! 

We don't make custom designs, but there are lots of ways to customize our pens.  

You can add a Universal Kit to create either a bump-out (a separate 2 ft x 2 ft space), or an expansion, which makes an existing pen one size larger.  Our pens come in two heights - 27" and 36".

Please find below an images of all the different ways you can configure the small, medium, and large sizes by adding a Universal Kit to create a bump out section.




Medium_with_Bump-out_Page_1-09-09.png Large_with_Bump-out_Page_2-07.png Large_with_Bump-out_Page_1-06.png


Our pens are for small to medium breeds weighing up to 40 lbs and all puppies.

With respect to large-breed puppies, there are some concerns.

Our pens are heavy; a medium 36" height weighs 60 lbs and the aluminum frame is rigid. So they are sturdy, however some large-breed pups will be able to jump out by the time they are 6 months old (or even less). We don't make any tops, so this is a limiting factor. Some dogs love their pen and they don't jump out even when they can because it is their bedroom. This is especially true when they grow up with the pen and when they have a larger size (medium or large). Other pups don't want to be in a pen and they will try to jump out even if they are comfortable in the space.

Most importantly, please consider the weight recommendations (40 lb limit). It is understandable to think that the are pens are a good fit for a larger breed since the square footage is large enough for almost any size pup. However, the weight limit is related to the structural strength of the walls. We never want a puppy to get hurt if they jump on the wall and it breaks.

Overall, we love large breeds and would love to tell you that it is a great fit. But since your pup will quickly be big, it is a risk to buy one because it is expensive and not made for large breeds. Our 30 day return policy states that customers are responsible for return shipping cost and pens must be, "unassembled, unused and in original packaging."  

The panels are scratch-resistant because acrylic is inherently scratch-resistant, but they are not "hard coated", which would make them very scratch resistant (and cost twice as much). 

If your pup is scratching away, the panels will scratch.  Although this is a very common concern, it has not been a problem for most customers.  

If the panels do get scratched, they are fairly hard to see, and panels are replaceable.  

Our Lucidium Pens are made for small to medium breed pups weighing up to 40lbs.  They are not recommended for any pet that is aggressively trying to get out of the pen.

The pens do not tip over due to the weight and the rigid frame, however, the acrylic wall panels may break under excessive force.  Therefore, we have a recommended weight limit of 40lbs.  If your pet is very stressed, aggressively trying to break out of the pen, or even aggressively rough housing and smashing into the walls, we do not recommend using the product regardless of the pups size or weight.  

This Lucidium Pen Demonstration shows the rigidity of the assembled pen. 



The pens vary in weight depending on size and height as follows: 


27" height

Small - 37 lbs

Medium - 45 lbs

Large - 51 lbs


36" height

Medium - 55 lbs

Large – 65 lbs


Box Dimensions   It is important, for international shipping costs (when applicable), that the middle dimension is under 30" so don't round it up :)

27" pens – 32 x 29.8 x 8

36" pens – 40 x 29.5 x 8

The pens are made for small to medium breed pups weighing up to 40lbs.  They do not tip over due to the weight and the rigid frame, however, the acrylic wall panels may break under excessive force.  Therefore, we have a recommended weight limit of 40lbs.  If your pup is very stressed or aggressively trying to break out of the pen, we do not recommend using the product. 

Watch our assembly video , which is very helpful in giving a "feel" for the pen.    

We recommend a Medium pen - in general.  If your pup will be in the pen during a normal workday (8 hours), then having extra space is usually more comfortable.  You can add comfy items such as a bed, a basket of toys, a water bowl, and even a pee pad if needed.

On the other hand, if the pen will just be needed for sleeping at night, a Small provides enough space for a bed and a little extra room (depending on the bed size). 

Keep in mind that the pens are modular, and you can add a Universal Kit, which can be used as either an Expansion Kit or a Bump Out Kit, to make it bigger at a later date.  However, adding a kit later is more expensive than getting a bigger size to start.

Ultimately several factors must be considered in order to determine what will work best for you including your budget, the space in your house, and your schedule.

*All pens come with a walk-through door. 



Our pens are designed with interconnected parts and they can’t be made into a gate or a fence.  

The knob turns and a tab fits into the groove in the vertical tube. Watch this quick video to see the latch closing.  You can also see how the swing arm drops down allowing you to walk through the door.

We are sorry to let you know that we do not make dividers. We may add dividers in the future, but at this time there is not a way to create separate sections within a pen. 

We are sorry to let you know that we do not make covers for the pens.  Since we have not conducted any safety testing for a cover, we are not able to give advice regarding the idea.  However, it is important to keep in mind that the open top allows for air flow and covering the top could impact the ventilation.  In addition, the pen has a very minimalistic design so it is difficult to find a way to secure a top.  Therefore, we recommend using the product as is without a top.  Our pens come in 27" height and 36" height. If the 36" height is not tall enough to contain your pet, then unfortunately we would recommend trying a different product.

The pens can be partially disassembled so that wall sections can be stored against a wall or under a bed, but they are not collapsible. The Lucidium pen is designed more like a DIY home furnishing and is typically not disassembled often.


Yes, we offer payment plans through Affirm, Afterpay, ShopPay Installments, and Klarna.  You can find these listed in our payment options once you get to the payment section of the checkout process.  


Please see our Return Policy here .


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