A healthy pet is a happy pet! The things we need to do to keep our pets in good shape are (unsurprisingly!) very similar to what we need to do for ourselves as humans.

Be Conscious of Your Pet’s Weight

Just as we need to watch our weight as humans to make sure we’re not putting ourselves at risk of developing preventable illnesses, pets’ weights should be within a healthy range too. And just as is the case for humans — exercise and diet are the key factors.

Get Your Pet Moving

Whether it’s an indoor play structure, daily walks or a romp in the dog park, pets thrive when they have the chance to run and play and release pent up energy.

Be Mindful of Your Pet’s Diet

If possible, feed your pet fresh, non-processed food whenever you can. In the absence of fresh food, go for the food with the fewest additive ingredients. Like people, pets bodies respond best to real food.

Get An Annual Exam

Make sure your pet makes it to the vet at least once a year for a check-up. This visit can help detect problems before symptoms arise and keep your pet on a healthy track.

Vaccinate Your Pet

Vaccinating your pet will keep your loved furry one free of deadly diseases such as rabies.

Keep Your Pet Pest-Free

Whether you use a prescribed flea, tick and heartworm medication from your vet or you’ve found another solution, protect your pet from these pests.


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