DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Who doesn't love dressing up dogs in cute little costumes? As Halloween season approaches, we found some adorable DIY Halloween dog costumes! Just grab the materials, put in some small labor & let them strut their PAWsome outfit!

Let's be a fabulous unicorn!


  • A sheet of white felt
  • 1 square foot of shiny gold fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Rainbow yarn
  • White thread
  • Small piece of poly-fil 
  • Needle, scissors, & white ribbon


Make the unicorn horn:

  1. Take shiny gold fabric & roll it into a cone. 
  2. Use the hot glue to seal the "cone." 
  3. Smooth out the base of the horn by cutting it round and smooth. 
  4. Stuff the inside of the horn with poly-fil. 
  5. Close the bottom of the horn by cutting a circular piece of leftover gold fabric and sew it to the rim of the horn. 
  6. Set the horn aside and start cutting two pieces of 8x3 inch felt with rounded ends. 
  7. Glue it together for stability. 
  8. Sew the base of the horn at the end of the felt. 

Make the rainbow hair:

  1. Take the rainbow yarn and cut stacks of yarns 4 inches long. The idea is to fill the felt pad with rainbow yarn for hair. Keeping the thread at the same length.
  2. Heat up the glue gun.
  3. Apply hot glue to a small section of the felt. 
  4. Stick the end of the yarn on the hot glue. Remember to keep a consistent pattern in the front and sides of the felt pad. 
  5. Continue to glue the yarn & fill up the white felt. 
  6. Sew the ribbon to each end of the felt pad. The top ribbon underneath the horn keeps the horn on the dog's head. 
  7. The lower ribbon is strapped around the dog's body to keep the hair in place. 

Mummy's the word

This a super easy DIY costume design! First few steps are to get some medical gauze, soak it in some brown water (use tea or acrylic paint) and rinse with water. Next, sew the gauze on some pet pajamas, and that's it! Easy right? Takes no time and comes out adorable!

You gotta loofah this

Next super easy idea! All you need is toile fabric, white rope, and a glue gun. Superglue the toile fabric to dog shirt, ad the glue and loaf it up! That's all there is to it.

A childhood story comes to life

Hmmm, do you have two dogs and would like a super cute Halloween idea? We have the PERFECT idea for you! Little red riding hood and the wolf. Woof Woof! It's fairly simple. Grab some red fabric and create Little Red's cape. You can either purchase a small blue cap for the work or get some blue fabric and sew the fabric around a circular stretchy band. Pair this cute costume idea with a basket, and you've got the fairy tale right before your eyes!

Pottermore could you want

Hello my, Harry Potter fans! We have a costume for you! You guessed… it's Harry Potter himself. Repurpose any scarves you have and wrap it around your cute little pup. Purchase some round costume googles or make some from black pipe cleaners. What about the lightening bolt scar? Shape a yellow pipe cleaner into a lightening bolt and adhere to the glasses. Go and get your Harry Potter on! You don't have to stick to Harry & Gryffindor though strictly. You can try Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Cute right? 

Oh, Grandma… Not you too! 

Just like the Harry idea, all you need is a scarf and some fake glasses. The only difference is where you wrap the scarf. Where would we put grandma's scarf? On their head of course. It looks adorable, and it's easy. Give it a shot!

Ahoy puppy!

Yes, that's right. It's pirate time! Grab a tank, go to the dollar store, glue some items on and you’ve got yourself a love-able, meddlesome little pirate at your service. Set sail for the 7 seas together. 


  • A tank top that is big enough for your dog
  • Elastic
  • A strip of black material – that is big enough to tie around your dog's stomach. About 3 inches wide.
  • Pirate kit & cap which includes a pirate knife & a golden earring. This can be purchased at the dollar store.
  • Glue gun

Instructions :

Adjust the tank top so that it fits your dog

  1. Flip the tank top upside down. Have the back of the tank top facing you.
  2. Bring together the top and the bottom of the tank top.
  3. Wrap the excess fabric with an elastic.
  4. Flip the tank top back to the right side.

Make the hat. Using your glue gun to glue the earring on the side of the pirate cap.

Make the Knife. Using your glue gun, glue the pirate knife handle in the middle of the black piece of fabric.

Dress up your dog! 

  1. Put the tank top first passing his/her two front legs in the tank top straps. 
  2. Make sure the "front" of your tank top is in the back of your dog. 
  3. Take your pirate knife and wrap it around your dog's stomach ( the knife should sit on the back of your dog)
  4. Tie the black fabric by making a knot, not too tight but strong enough to stay on your dog's belly. 
  5. Finally, put on the pirate cap and tuck in your dog's ears.
  6. Set sail for the rough seas! 

Make sure that the costumes are suitable for your pet's size and allow them freedom of movement. Additionally, it's important to gauge your pet's willingness to participate in dressing up. While some pets might enjoy the attention and extra affection, others may feel stressed or uncomfortable in costumes. Always consider your pet's well-being and always prioritize their happiness. So, let your creativity shine, involve your pets in the Halloween fun, and create precious memories with your furry companions during this festive season!

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