Including Your Pets in a Fun-Filled Halloween

Whether your pet is the life of the party or a bit on the shy side, you can find a way to enjoy Halloween together.  All pets will need to be given (appropriate) treats, which goes without saying.  Beyond that, your pet will help you decide which costume they can comfortably wear for the evening.

All In

If you are one of the lucky ones and your pet is ALL IN, have a blast!  Dogs in costumes walking the street are sure to receive lots of love from friends and strangers alike adding to the excitement for your pet and those they encounter on their way! Who wouldn’t be cracking up if they saw one of these characters!


Not Really Into It

Let’s face it - not all pets can tolerate an elaborate costume.  If that is the case in your house, do not fear!  You can find many costumes that are minimal, but still have a festive feel. Try a little bandana, or maybe just an accent piece where your pet can catch a ride. Another idea is to explore decorative collars that feature Halloween-themed designs or colors. These alternatives provide a subtle way for your pet to join in the Halloween fun without feeling overwhelmed.

Twinning Time!

If you pet does not want to go it alone, they might be amenable to going it with you.  Halloween is the perfect time for twinning it up with your best buddy.

Going in a Group

When it comes time for Halloween, don’t forget your friends! It is always fun to spend the evening laughing at your bestie and gathering tricks and treats together.

For a wonderful Halloween, let your pet tell which costume works best for them and then hit the streets for this magical night.  Don’t forget to plan a long walk for the next day so you can both work off your yummy treats.

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