Why Older Dogs Are the Best Dogs

Dogs are the best. They're loyal, playful, and so darn cute! And, while you might think that younger dogs are better, the truth is older dogs (senior dogs) have a lot to offer. And did you know that there are major benefits to adopting an older dog?

If you're heading to the shelter soon to look for a new dog for your family, here are just a few good reasons why you should definitely consider a senior dog!


Senior Dogs Are Less Destructive

A senior pup tends to be more sedentary than their younger counterparts because they're less active overall. This means that they won't be running into furniture or tearing up pillows when left alone for too long. In fact, many older dogs are actually looking for a slower lifestyle as they age!



Senior Dogs Are Smart

Older dogs are often more patient and less excitable. This means that they'll be a lot easier to train, which is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your furry friend.


Senior Dogs Are Healthy

One of the biggest benefits in adopting an older dog is knowing that they've been given a clean bill of health by the adoption center or your vet. They may not jump around as much or play fetch like when they were younger, but many senior dogs have a lot of good years left in them and live without any major medical conditions.


Senior Dogs Are Affectionate

Senior dogs are often in need of a good home because they've been left behind by their owners or abandoned. And while they may be a bit shy initially, they are quick to warm up to all of the attention you will give them.



Senior Dogs Are Appreciative

Some senior dogs have had hard lives and spend extended time in shelters waiting to be adopted, but when they know that you are going to shower them with love - they are so appreciative! There's nothing quite like the love of a senior pup!

If you're looking to bring a dog into your family soon, consider adopting a senior dog.  They have so many excellent qualities, so much to offer, and you'll love knowing you gave a good dog a great home!






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