6 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are the Best

You’ve decided that your home needs a dog – or maybe another dog. And now, the search is on to find that dog that you connect with and will shower with ear scratches and treats. Sure, you could head to the pet store or a dog breeder, but there’s another option worth considering: You can head to your local shelter.

Yes, you definitely want to head to your local shelter - because shelter dogs are the best dogs! Want to know why? Here are six reasons why finding a furry friend at the shelter will be a great experience for both of you!

  1. You can find dogs of any age.

Your local shelter most likely has dogs of all ages. Which means if you’re looking for a puppy – they’ve probably got some. Want a dog that’s through the puppy stage and fairly well-trained? They’ll have that too! And if you want to give some love to an older dog, your shelter can certainly help.

  1. You can find all types of dogs.

Shelters don’t take in just one breed of dog – they take in all dogs. So, you will have an amazing assortment of dogs. And you’ll be able to spend some time getting to know them – so you’ll know which dog is a fit for you. 

  1. A shelter dog will appreciate your love and attention like no other.

Lots of shelter dogs are brought in because they are homeless and may not have received the love and affection they deserve. Building trust with your shelter dog is an incredibly rewarding experience. When you bring a shelter dog into your home, their gratitude knows no bounds. Every ounce of love and care you provide is treasured by them. They deeply appreciate the kindness and attention they may have lacked in the past. By showing patience, understanding, and consistent affection, you can help your shelter dog heal emotionally and establish a bond built on trust and unconditional love. The journey of building trust with a shelter dog is a remarkable and fulfilling one, as you witness their transformation into a beloved and loyal companion.

  1. You can learn about your new pet before they come to live with you.

Shelters want to make the adoption experience the best – for both the new owner and the dog. Shelters will be able to tell you about your dog, their temperament, whether they like kids or cats, and so much more. If Sam, your new shelter dog, likes to play fetch non-stop – the shelter can probably tell you that!

  1. You’ll be helping the shelter.

Every time a dog is adopted from a shelter, you are not only helping that dog but future dogs. When your dog goes to its forever home, a new dog gets to come to the shelter and that new dog now has the potential to find its new home. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  1. Shelter dogs often don’t cost as much.

The adoption fee that a shelter charges is usually low, and often, it will include spaying or neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations. This means you have more money to spoil your dog with. Toys and treats, anyone?

For these reasons (and so many more), shelter dogs are truly the best dogs around. And if you are you ready to adopt a dog, then head to your local shelter. You’re bound to find a dog that just calls out to you, and soon enough you’ll have the perfect addition to your home.






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