What? Are we really talking about technology for our dogs? Yes, yes, we are! You might be laughing a little and thinking, “What could my dog possibly need besides some good belly rubs and a new bone?” But let’s just say, there are some pretty cool things out there that both you and your favorite pooch are going to love.

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

If your dog loves chasing the ball, but your arm gets tired from repeatedly throwing it, then you’re both going to love the iFetch. The iFetch throws a ball 10, 20, or 30 feet (depending on how much room you have and how far your dog likes to run to chase the ball) – without you having to move a muscle. And when your dog brings the ball back and drops it into the top – the whole thing starts all over again! How fun!

PetChatz HDX

Your pet can experience anxiety, especially if they’re left home alone during the day – but work happens. So, if you want to keep an eye on your dog, what can you do? Try PetChatz!

PetChatz calls itself a “Greet and Treat” Videophone – and it is so much more than a doggy camera. You can talk to your dog via video – and they can talk back. You can dispense treats, release aromatherapy, play brain games with your dog, stream DOGTV, and more! What’s not to love?

Fi Smart Collar

If your dog has ever run away and you’ve spent hours combing the neighborhood trying to find them, you know how nerve-wracking that can be. The Fi Smart Collar can take that worry away. Your dog wears the GPS-enabled collar, and you download an app to your phone – and should he make a run for it – you can easily find him. It’s even waterproof, chew-proof, and has an LED light to make night walks even safer.

Aspen Self-Warming Pet Bed

Who doesn’t want a warm and snuggly bed to fall asleep in? And the Aspen Self-Warming Pet Bed is that – but for your dog! It uses heat-reflecting technology to make the faux lambswool bed nice and warm for your favorite pet – meaning a good night’s rest for all. (And wouldn’t it look cute inside your Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen?)

When it comes to your beloved dog, belly rubs and bones are great, but keep in mind there is some great technology out there. These four pieces of tech can help keep your dog active, connected, safe, and comfortable. And isn’t that what we want for our pets?