Pet-Friendly Home Cleaning Ideas

Having a pet may mean your home needs some extra attention when it comes to keeping it clean.  After all, some of our beloved animals may have the occasional accident. Or, if they shed, you might find some extra fur around your home. And let’s not forget those nose prints on the windows!

But we love them, and if doing some extra cleaning is what’s needed – then we’re in!

Of course, you want to use pet-friendly cleaning products so that your pet stays safe and healthy – but what products should you use?

You have two choices. You can DIY it and make some homemade cleaners, or you can find some non-toxic, pet-safe cleaners that are available to buy – and here are some ideas for both of those choices!


DIY Pet-Safe Cleaners

  • Baking Soda – You probably have a container of baking soda in your pantry or refrigerator, and it’s great for absorbing odors, creating a scrub – or even making your pet smell a little better.

You can sprinkle it on your carpets and vacuum it up 20-30 minutes later to refresh your carpet. Make a paste with some water and salt and use it to scrub food and water bowls. And, if your pet is smelling a little – well, not so great – then sprinkle a little on his/her fur and rub it in.

  • Vinegar – Vinegar and water can be used on wood floors, tile, or vinyl and are great if you need to give your floors a quick mop. You can also use a combination of vinegar, water, and lemon juice to clean glass windows or tabletops.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide – If your pet has an accident (urine, vomit, or poop), you will want to try a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to deodorize the area and help remove any stains.


Safe Cleaners You Can Purchase

  • Bean & Lily Products – They have a whole line of products designed to be safe for humans, pets, and the planet!
  • Angry Orange – Need help getting rid of pet stains and odors? Then check out Angry Orange! 
  • Better Life Products – Another company with a wide variety designed by two dads that wanted safe products for everyone in their home.

Keeping your home clean when you have pets doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore – and you can do it all while making sure your pet is safe, too. Regular cleaning and proper sanitation contribute to your pet's wellness and health by minimizing the presence of allergens, bacteria, and parasites. Whether you DIY your cleaning products or buy them, you can find ones that non-toxic and safe for everyone! By creating a clean and safe environment, you promote a harmonious living space where both you and your furry companions can thrive.





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