How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Dog for Christmas

Getting a few new toys and treats for your dog at Christmas is so much fun for you and your furry best friend. Here are a few things to keep in mind when holiday shopping for your dog this season.

  • What types of toy are you looking for? Do you want toys for active play that will have your dog running, chewing and playing — like a tennis ball or a tug-of-war rope? Or perhaps you are looking to keep your dog busy for a few hours with the hard rubber toys that can be filled with peanut butter or other treats? Maybe you’d also like to include a comfort toy — something soft and soothing for your dog to snuggle up with? You can also consider an interactive toy that you and your dog will play with together, like a frisbee.
  • Keep your dog’s size, safety and health in mind. Make sure there are not small pieces that will break off of the toy and choke your dog. If your dog is particularly rough on toys and you’re concerned about his teeth, you can choose more pliable items that won’t put as much pressure on his teeth and jaws.
  • How does your dog like to play? Consider whether your dog prefers indoors or outdoors and if he likes to play with kids, adults or other dogs. Then you can find toys that suit your dog’s preferred environment and play companions.

Once you find the perfect toys and treats for your dog, you can wrap them in wrapping paper and put a yummy smelling treat in or on the wrapping paper to let your dog know which gifts are his to open on Christmas day.



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