Fall Decor Ideas for Your Pet

Do you have a fur friend that you love to spoil? Is he the king of the castle and knows it? Is she living the life of luxury in her gorgeous Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen?

If the answer is “Yes,” - then you are probably a pet parent who loves to change up your pet’s decor as the seasons change. It’s a great way to make some changes to your pet’s “home” - and Clearly Loved Pets’ pens make it so easy! Those clear panels allow you to see all of those great decor choices!


Want to pick up a few items for the fall? Here are a few cute things to consider!

Pendleton Red Ombre Petnapper Pillow Dog Bed w/Removable Cover - You can’t go wrong with plaid, and this red and black plaid dog bed is fantastic! It has a removable cover for easy washing and comes in three different sizes.


Fall Window Clings - Want to spruce up your pet’s pen - then why not add some window clings? This set has 144 clings with everything from leaves to acorns to pumpkins! 


Pumpkin Orange Rug - Pumpkins are certainly a part of fall! And while your pet won’t be drinking any pumpkin spice lattes, they could be relaxing on this cute carpet from Ruggable! There are several different sizes to choose from, and Ruggables can go in your washing machine for easy cleaning.


Fall Fun Pet Bowl - Your dog’s food and water might not taste any better, but it sure will look cute in a Fall Fun Pet Bowl. And if that one is not exactly your style, check this one out!


Fall Wooden Leaf String Lights - If you have a pet who won’t chew on cords, you can add some light to their area with these string lights. They’ll definitely make a space a bit cozier!


Linen Avenue Pet Blanket - Of course, if you have a dog who loves to snuggle under a blanket, consider this Linen Avenue Pet Blanket. The brown and red color is perfect for the season!


If your pet has as much style as you do, then why not give their pet pen a little makeover for fall? Add a few of these decor pieces, and your pet will be ready for all things autumn!


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