Car Travel With Your Pet: 8 Tips to Make the Journey Smoother

If you are a pet owner and love to travel, then you probably want to take your fur friend with you when possible. Whether it's just around town or across the country, making sure your pet is ready for the ride is crucial. Clearly Loved Pets has some tips!

Tip #1: Practice by taking shorter trips to start. Traveling by car can be stressful for pets, so start with a short trip to get them used to it. You might just take them around the block to see how they do! 

Tip #2: Consider a carrier if you have a cat or small dog that will be riding in the back seat. They can become stressed when left unrestrained while driving which can lead to accidents. The last thing you need is your pet jumping on you for some attention or affection in heavy traffic.

Tip #3: Never leave your pet unattended in the car. Your pet will not enjoy being left alone and could injure themselves or become overheated.  Remember: pets cannot regulate heat like humans can, so keep it cool out there!


Tip #4: Always have fresh water available for your furry friend. Travel with a collapsible bowl for when you stop or get a spill proof one that can attach to your pet’s kennel or carrier. 


Tip #5: Feed them a small meal a few hours before you depart. Pets can become car sick, too - so a small meal might help prevent this.

Tip #6: Be sure to stop and walk your pet as often as possible. This will not only keep them healthier, but also make you feel better too!


Tip #7: Bring toys, treats or any other type of entertainment that they enjoy. Yes, pets can get restless, too - so consider bringing a toy that they can have while in their carrier and some toys to play with when you stop for a break.


Tip #8: Make sure your pet has ID tags and that you bring important documents. Just in case your pet takes off, it’s always a good idea that they are wearing ID tags so you can be contacted when found. A microchip for your pet can add an addtional layer of security. Additionally, know that some states will want to see health certificates and proof of vaccinations.

If you and your pet are ready to hit the open road, keep these tips in mind to make it a more enjoyable experience for both of you!



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