Celebrate Spoil Your Dog Day! 

Holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Siblings Day, and more are days dedicated to our human family members. In the same way, we want to show our dogs just how much they mean to us! Spoil Your Dog Day is dedicated to appreciating, celebrating, and spoiling our dogs. 

Celebrated on the 10th of August, the origins of spoil your dog day are unknown, though social media has surely influenced the popularity of the holiday. Remember that you can choose to spend the day in your own special way, but your focus should be on what your dog enjoys and the best ways to spoil them! At the end of the day, celebrating and spoiling your dog on this holiday is what matters most. 


Seeing that dogs are so food driven, treating them to some of their favorite things is a great way to enjoy the holiday. For some pet owners, the convenience and variety of options when buying treats at a pet store may be the easiest way to spoil your best friend. Others may have the time and preference for making treats at home, which allows you to choose the ingredients and flavors of your pet’s treats. 

You can also use this holiday as an opportunity to let your dog try new or unusual foods and treats. Whether that be a new brand or type of treats, or non-toxic foods your dog has never tried. You can keep things interesting by putting some treats and food into a toy such as a kong, which entertains your dog while they eat. 


Whether your dog is a gentle giant or a super-chewer, Spoil Your Dog Day is the perfect reason to pick some new toys. The best toy for your dog depends on their determination, skills, and how well it will hold up. You can get your dog toys by either taking a trip to the local pet store, ordering toys online, or even subscribing to a monthly service that sends toys to your door.

Quality Time 

Like when we celebrate holidays with our human family members, quality time is one of the key aspects of this holiday. How you and your furry friend choose to spend your time can look different in every family. 

High-energy dogs may be happiest with a jog around the neighborhood, fetch in the backyard or a vigorous game of tug-of-war. If you prefer to get out, you could take a day trip to a dog-friendly park, lake, or beach. Or, if you are looking for a bigger adventure, going on a road trip or camping in dog-friendly national parks are great options too! 

More calm dogs might prefer to hang out with you on the couch, go for a walk, take a nap, or simply relax nearby, pehaps in a pet pen like what we provide. It might also be fun to go on a car ride, play in the yard, or watch a dog movie. Whatever it is you do, enjoy your special day.

Happy Spoil Your Dog Day!

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