4 Fun Facts About Pet Ferrets

Curious as to why ferrets have taken social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube by storm?  These adorable little characters have enough personality to light up a room. Ferrets are very social creatures and they can make awesome pets!  By playing with them daily and socializing them at an early age, you will find that they are curious and fun-loving fur-babies that quickly become a beloved part of your family and home.  These inquisitive little mammals are intelligent, and love to bond with their humans.  Although they sleep quite a bit, they love their playtime and can be extremely active. With enough attention, positive reinforcement, and training, you can even teach them to use a litter box!

Ferrets can be mischievous and they need a great deal of time and consideration during their most active playtimes to keep them out of trouble.  Clear tubes are a great way to keep them occupied.  They love their humans, and are quite affectionate and entertaining. They are also cat and dog friendly; but if you have tiny pets like birds, bunnies, or mice, a ferret may not be a compatible addition to your home.  

As with any prospective pet, ferrets have their pros and cons.  It’s important to take time to think about whether you are prepared to make a commitment to a pet that will be with you and your family for up to a decade. Ferrets are not typically aggressive, however when they are young they have a tendency to nip and will need to be gently trained to grow out of that behavior. 

Now, here are some of the fun facts that make ferrets such a wonderful pet and companion:

  1. Ferret Racing: Ever heard of it?  Believe it or not, ferret racing is a popular sport (throughout the U.K., anyway!)  Adorable (and well-trained?) pet ferrets race through numbered pipes.  These races attract large crowds of onlookers, cheering on for a fast start and successful finish.  May the fastest ferret win!
  2. When Ferrets feel threatened they… dance? In their natural habitats in the wild they perform a hypnotic dance that sends their prey into a trance (what kind of sorcery is this?!). Ferrets that have been domesticated also perform this dance as a form of play. Take the time to search for some videos showing the ferret “war dance” and prepare to be amazed! It is truly mesmerizing to see these little characters arch their backs while moving side to side. It resembles what a cobra does with a snake charmer.
  3. Ferrets have been domesticated for hunting and vermin control for centuries throughout Europe and Ancient Anatolia, and later in the Americas. Greek scholars Aristophanes in 450 BCE and Aristotle in 350 BCE both wrote about a ferret-like creature used for hunting vermin; and Greek historian Strabo identified an animal that was used to control a rabbit infestation that caused famine in the Mediterranean in the first century AD. These prolific hunters have been hailed by authors as intimidating foes for disease-spreading and famine-causing vermin, and are noted in literary archives such as Adolph Isaacsen’s “All About Ferrets and Rats” where he states, “There is nothing a rat is more afraid of, by nature, than a ferret…”. That’s pretty impressive!
  1. According to the American Ferret Association, ferrets have a slight musky odor. The Latin name for domesticated ferrets is Mustela putorius which translates to “smelly weasel”. When neutered, it slightly decreases the smell. A twice-monthly bathing routine with ferret shampoo is also effective in preventing the scent from becoming overwhelming.

Ferrets are beautiful, charming, entertaining and intelligent animals that require love, attention and proper care.  If you are considering a pet ferret, be sure to discuss diet and medical care with a knowledgeable veterinarian to make sure you’re prepared to provide the right kind of maintenance for your ferret’s optimal health and happiness.  And… dance on!

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