Lucidium Connector Kit

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Our connector kit includes the following parts:

  • (2) wall connectors
  • (2) corner connectors
  • (8) panel screw sets
  • (1) hex key

If you have an original Lucidium pen, you probably have connectors with round panel screw holes. If you would like to order replacement original screws for these, you can find them here

This kit contains a newer design. The panel nut is square and fits into a square hole in the connector. This prevents the screw set from turning as you tighten it, allowing you to make a more secure connection. The square nuts must be used with these connectors, so they are sold together as a kit. These can directly replace the connectors you have on any Lucidium pen.

If you would like to purchase the original connectors with the round holes, please contact us.