How to Help Your Pet Deal With Anxiety

Did you know that 2020 was a record year for dog adoptions? It was – and that’s good news for dogs. Lots of dogs found great homes in a year that was difficult for many.

Many attribute this to more people being at home – which only makes sense. Dogs provide humans with comfort and support. They relieve our stress. And they love all of the attention that we give them.

But as more and more people head back to the office, we are seeing more and more anxiety in pets – separation anxiety. And it’s not uncommon at all.

Our pets have gotten used to having us at home.

You may have noticed that your pet is anxious. You’ve seen some of the signs. Read Signs of Anxiety in Your Pet.

And now you want to know what you can do to help? Luckily, there are some things you can do.


Give Your Dog Some Love

Your dog wants your attention, and often they want you to hug them, scratch them, and pet them. This can help to calm them down and reassure them.


Take Them Out for Some Exercise

This is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog.


Give Your Dog a Massage

Just as massage relaxes you, it can do the same for your pet. You can find a pet massage therapist or learn some techniques so you can do it yourself.


Create a Safe Space for Them

Sometimes pets just need a space where they can relax for a bit. A Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen can be this space as it allows for you to add bedding and other things, and your pet can still see you when you’re home.


Get Them a Calming Coat/Shirt

Like swaddling a baby or going to sleep under a weighted blanket, a calming coat or shirt can help anxious pets. They come in all different sizes and styles – so you’re sure to find one that fits your pet.


Speak With Your Vet

If these things don’t seem to be helping, seek the advice of your veterinarian. They can offer expert advice and prescribe medication if needed.

Nobody wants their pet to feel anxious, but when you know the signs and try these techniques, your pet will feel your love – and, hopefully, their anxiety will subside.

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