How to Choose the Best Dog Pen for Your Pup

As a pet owner, you want to ensure your furry friend is safe and happy. One of the most important aspects of being a responsible pet parent is providing your dog with a secure and comfortable environment. Pens create a protective boundary and also establish a specific spot for dogs.

Dog pens are available in so many sizes and styles that choosing just one can be a daunting experience. You need to go through a number of different factors when selecting dog pens. Here are some key factors that can help you create a comfy setup for your best friend that also looks good in your living space.

Think About Your Pet’s Size

The most important factor when choosing a dog pen is the size and breed of your pet. For example, larger breeds such as Great Danes and St. Bernards require more space to move around compared to smaller species like Chihuahuas and Pomeranians. Additionally, if you have a puppy, you'll need to consider its expected adult size when choosing a dog pen. Puppies grow quickly, and you want to avoid buying new pens every few months.

Another thing to keep in mind is your pet's activity level. If your dog is highly energetic and loves to play, it will need more space to run around and burn off its excess energy. However, if your pet is older or has health problems, it may not need as much space and may prefer a smaller, cozier pen. Ultimately, the size of your pet and its individual needs should guide your decision when choosing a dog pen.

By choosing the right size and style of a pen for your pet, you can ensure that they are comfortable and happy and that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure. By considering your pet's size, breed, and activity level, you can choose a pen that provides them with enough space to move around and feel comfortable. Not only will this keep your pet happy and healthy, but it can also help prevent behavior problems and keep your home safe from damage caused by an unhappy, stressed-out pet.

Decide Your Portability Needs

When purchasing a dog pen, its portability is another factor that plays a crucial role in whether it is a convenient option or not. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to move your dog pen from one location to another frequently. This is especially true if you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or hiking with your furry companion. Choosing a dog pen that is easy to transport can make all the difference in ensuring your dog's safety and comfort.

Collapsible Design

A collapsible design is one option when looking for a portable dog pen. These pens are typically made of lightweight materials such as fabric or mesh and can be easily collapsed and stored when not in use. Collapsible dog pens are also easy to move around and can quickly be taken on trips or outings. When purchasing a collapsible dog pen, choose a sturdy model that can withstand wear and tear over time. The manufacturer of your chosen dog pen will provide you with a weight capacity for each model.

Pop-up Design

More options for the pen include a pop-up design. These pens are typically made of flexible materials such as nylon or mesh and can be set up quickly and easily. Pop-up dog pens are ideal for use in outdoor spaces such as parks or campgrounds, as they provide a safe and secure area for your dog to play while still allowing them to enjoy the great outdoors. When choosing a pop-up dog pen, look for one that is lightweight and easy to transport, and be sure to select a model that provides adequate ventilation and shade for your dog's comfort.

Compare Materials

Another essential factor to consider while purchasing a dog pen is what it's made of. Dog pens are made from a vast array of materials. Here are some of the best ones available in the market.


Metal pet pens are an excellent choice for pet owners who value durability and strength. These pens are typically made from steel or aluminum, making them resistant to scratches, dents, and general wear and tear. Additionally, metal pet pens are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal option for pet owners who want a low-maintenance pet pen. Metal pens are also often collapsible, making storing or transporting them easy. Overall, metal pet pens provide a safe and secure environment for your pet while being practical and easy to use.


Acrylic pet pens are another popular option for pet owners wanting sturdy and reliable pens. Acrylic is a transparent plastic like glass but is much more lightweight and shatter-resistant. Acrylic pet pens let pets and their owners see each other at all times, which can help relieve your dog’s separation anxiety. It also makes it easier for you to keep up with what they’re doing and interact with them even when you’re working.

These pens are often available in various colors and designs, allowing pet owners to choose a pen that matches their style and preferences. Additionally, acrylic pet pens are easy to clean and maintain, making them an excellent option for pet owners who want a practical and visually appealing living space for their furry friend.


Mesh pet pens are an excellent option for those who want to give their pup some fresh air and a clear view of their surroundings. The mesh walls of this type of pen allow for excellent ventilation and visibility, making them perfect for outdoor use, such as camping or picnics. They are also lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and store. Additionally, mesh pens are typically easy to clean. Many models come with removable floors that can be washed or hosed down, ensuring your pup has a clean and hygienic play area.


Glass pet pens are a popular choice for indoor use, particularly for smaller breeds. The transparent walls allow for full visibility of your pup, which can be comforting for both you and your pet. Glass pens are also an excellent option for pet owners who want to contain their pup but still give them some room to move around. Unlike wire or mesh pens, glass pens have smooth, flat surfaces, which prevent injuries from sharp edges or wire strands. Additionally, glass pens can be a stylish addition to your home decor, with many models featuring sleek and modern designs. However, they need to be taken care of as glass can be dangerous if damaged or shattered.


Plastic pet pens are a versatile option suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and provide a secure and enclosed area for your pup. Plastic pens are also available in a range of sizes, making them suitable for all breeds of dogs. Many plastic pens also feature a modular design, allowing you to customize the size and shape of the pen to suit your needs. Additionally, plastic pens are typically affordable, making them an accessible option for pet owners on a budget.

Measure Your Space

Before choosing any random pet pen, consider the available space in your home. You want to ensure that your pet has enough room to move around comfortably and play, but you also don't want the pen to take up too much space in your home.

It's important to measure the area where you plan to put the pen and choose a size that will fit appropriately. By considering the space before purchasing a pet pen, you can ensure that your pet is happy, safe, and comfortable in their new play area while keeping your space looking stylish and spacy.

Think About Your Home Decor

A pet pen is an excellent solution for keeping your new furry baby contained when necessary, but before you rush to buy one, consider your home decor. After all, you don't want to invest in a pet pen that clashes with your existing style or disrupts the flow of your space. By considering your decor beforehand, you can choose a pet pen that complements your home and even adds to its overall aesthetics. Plus, taking the time to think about your decor can help you narrow your options and find a pen that meets both your practical and design needs.

This is one benefit of transparent pet pens. They usually fit into nearly any home decor style and look much sleeker than dog pens made from metal or mesh. 

Decide on Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

When it comes to keeping your furry friend contained, choosing between an indoor or outdoor pet pen can make all the difference in their happiness and well-being. Indoor pens offer the benefit of keeping your pet safely confined within the comfort of your home, while outdoor pens allow for more fresh air and room to roam.

Deciding which is best for your pet depends on various factors, such as your lifestyle, living space, and your pet’s needs. Consider how much time your pet spends outside, their activity level, and the weather conditions in your area before deciding. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor pen, your pet will appreciate the security and freedom that comes with their own designated space.

Consider What’s Best for Your Pet

Pets can experience anxiety and stress when confined to a small space for long periods, so providing them with a comfortable and secure environment is crucial. Additionally, many pets like to see what's going on around them and feel connected to their surroundings. Therefore, a pet pen with an open design that allows for ample visibility and interaction with their environment can be an excellent choice. Moreover, your pet should have easy access to food, water, and a designated area to spend quality time. By keeping these essential considerations in mind, you can ensure that your pet's needs are met and that they feel happy and content in their pen.

Clearly Loved Pets: A Top Choice for Small Dogs

Buying a pet pen for your dog requires a lot of careful consideration. But that’s precisely why Clearly Loved Pets is here: we want to make your purchase experience as easy as possible. 

When we designed our transparent pet pens, we thought about all of the above-mentioned considerations (and others). The transparent panels fit well in nearly any home and let your pet see what’s happening at all times. Our patented door design also makes it easy for you to get into the pen as needed, which makes cleanups and refills of bowls a breeze. The pens can also be built in any shape you need, so you can easily fit them into your space regardless of what other furniture is in the room. 

Check out our lucidium pet pens to see all of the size and style options available. We know you’ll find the perfect dog pen for you and your pooch.

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