How To Care For Your Bunny

With those cute little noses, floppy ears, and puffy tails, bunnies are just adorable. And, while they are not your typical pet, they can make for great pets – as long as you know how to care for them.

If you think you’d like to bring a bunny home, here are a few basic care tips to keep in mind.


Make Them a Home

Your rabbit is going to need their very own home inside your home. You want to make sure they have plenty of room to hop around, along with having room for their food and water. Rabbit cages or puppy pens (such as a Clearly Loved Pets Lucidium Pen) work great for rabbits.


Bunny-Proof Your Home

If your bunny will be spending time outside of their cage in order to play and hop around (which is recommended), you’re going to want to bunny-proof your home. Rabbits are notorious chewers – everything from wires to woodwork – so pay close attention to protect these things.


Provide Them with the Right Food

A rabbit’s diet consists predominantly of hay – so you should always make sure they have plenty of it. If you have a baby rabbit, your veterinarian may recommend alfalfa. And when it comes to supplementing your rabbit’s diet, fresh vegetables and rabbit pellets (small quantities) can be added to their diet, too. Of course, don’t forget to give them plenty of water.


Give Them a Litter Box

Did you know that rabbits tend to go to the bathroom in the same spot – which means a litter box is a fantastic idea. Newspaper and hay are recommended to use in a bunny’s litter box.


Provide Your Bunny with Enrichment

Have you seen those news stories where zoos are providing their animals with “enrichment”? And you see them playing with toys or items that activate their brain and keep them entertained for hours? Do that for your bunny! Need some ideas? Here are a few you might try!


Visit Your Vet Regularly

Just like any other pet, you will want to take your rabbit to the veterinarian regularly. Find a vet that has some experience with rabbits, and you’ll be all set.

Yes, rabbits do require a significant amount of care, but they can make great pets. They are affectionate and smart – and definitely worth considering if you’re thinking of bringing an animal into your home.

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