Effective Ways to Exercise Your Dog and Stay Active Together

We all know the benefits of physical activity for our health and mood, but did you know it works wonders for your pooch, too? To keep your pup healthy, happy, and lively, you must introduce exercise into your dog’s daily routine

Here are ten interactive exercises for dogs that keep their tails wagging and maintain your sanity.

Walking, Jogging, or Running

Walking is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to exercise your dog. It's a low-impact, classic workout that benefits you and your hound. For many dogs, exploring the world with their human is the highlight of their day. 

Regular walks help in weight management, reducing the risk of obesity, which affects nearly 56% of dogs in the United States [1]. Walking is also an excellent way of keeping your dog's joints healthy, especially as they age. Our colorful dog leashes make the perfect accessory to take along on your walks, and they prevent your dog from getting too far from you.

Furthermore, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says walking with your dog provides physical activity and builds a well-rounded personality [2]. Walking with your dog provides ample opportunities for you and your canine friend to bond. It also allows them to interact with other humans and dogs, especially if you stroll through a neighborhood or take advantage of local greenways.

If you and your dog are physically fit, you can also move briskly and intensify the workout by jogging or running. However, you should consult your veterinarian before asking your dog to run, especially for long distances.

Play Fetch

The next best way to exercise your dog is to play a game of fetch with them. It's an easy sport, and your furry friend can play this game anywhere, indoors and outdoors. 

Just train your dog to the command of fetching something for you, and the next thing you know, your four-legged companion is having the time of his life. Many dogs will learn it immediately, while others might require some time. 

You can play the classic fetch game of throwing something and waiting for your pup to get it. Common items that work well for fetch include standard tennis balls, rope toys, frisbees, and squeaky toys. 

Although fetch provides exercise for dogs, it's also a bonding experience that strengthens your connection with your hound. 

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek is another fun way to exercise your dog. It's physically and mentally stimulating and enhances your pup's natural tracking abilities. 

For this game to begin, you need to call out a command of "sit" and "stay" to your dog. After that, you find a spot in your house and hide. Call your dog out by giving them the command "come," and praise them for finding you. 

Dogs generally like to smell their owner, which is how they know when you're home or around them. Even if you are hidden, they can “sniff” you out and locate where you are in the house. This can be especially fun if you have children at home, as it’s one of the few exercises with dogs your kids can do on their own with a pet.

Take a Dog-Led Adventure

If you're tired of your dog's usual walking routine, add a twist to their typical stroll, and for a change, let your pooch be in charge. A dog-led walk or adventure is one of the fun ways to interact with your furry friend and see the world from your canine's perspective. 

Follow them wherever they want to go and stop when they rest. Doing this will physically and mentally stimulate your pup's brain, essential for your furry friend's overall well-being. Of course, you should always watch closely and keep your dog away from any dangerous situations.

Nose Work Games

Have you ever wondered why your pooch loves to sniff things? Dogs experience most of the world through their sense of smell, which makes them happy. As a loving pet parent, we know you want nothing more than to keep your woof healthy and lively, and what better way is there than to create an activity that includes sniffing?

Nose work games are interactive, fun activities that mentally stimulate your dog’s brain. According to the Journal of Applied Animal Behavioral Science, nose work activities make dogs more optimistic, which leads to improved welfare [3].

You can have your own "go find it" edition, where you can keep the treats in the little boxes and hide them in plain sight. For starters, you can also leave a scent trail to the boxes. Once your pup is a pro at it, you can try it with objects, people, and more. 

It's a great indoor and outdoor exercise for dogs, and your pup will love you for it.

Agility Classes

Have you ever heard of doga classes? If not, these sessions are a pet version of a yoga class made specifically for dogs. You can enroll your canine friend in some agility classes at doga centers to let their excessive energy out. It's a great way to deepen the bond with your four-legged friend and help them stay fit. So get that yoga mat and start doing doga!   

Climbing Stairs

Another great exercise you can do with your pup is climbing stairs. It's a fantastic indoor and outdoor activity that helps improve muscle strength. This dog workout also keeps your pup physically fit and allows them to explore new areas of their environment. 

However, learning to climb up and down the stairs is a daunting task and requires proper training to avoid the risk of tripping, slipping, or tumbling down. Experts recommend waiting until your pup is three months old (12 weeks) before introducing stairs to your canine friend’s routine. Don't let your pooch navigate a staircase unless they're a year old. 

Make the training fun by asking your dog to follow you while you're climbing the stairs. You can also create a game out of climbing the stairs by throwing some soft toy, stick, or a ball to the top landing and asking your pup to get it for you. Don't forget to show appreciation when they follow your command to keep these furry babies motivated.  

It's an excellent way to get the excess energy out of your furry friend's body, and we assure you after ten laps, your four-legged companion will be dreaming of sleep. 


Another great way to exercise your dog is to take them swimming. It's a low-impact dog workout and is even great for dogs with mobility issues such as arthritis. 

If it's your woof's first time going in the water, help them. Don't leave them unsupervised, and start with shallow water. Encourage them by using their favorite toy or treat and praise them when they do it to reinforce the behavior. 

If you don't know a place where you can take your pup swimming, check your local area for dog-friendly hydrotherapy centers, public beaches, pools, or dog parks with a water area. 

Remember, not all dogs are natural in the water. Observe your dog closely and see if they're enjoying it or not. If there are any signs of uneasiness, opt for some other form of exercise — don't force your pup to do anything they don't like. 

Have fun with your dog while you both enjoy the many benefits of exercise.  Once you finish your workout, it is time for a treat!


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