Every day, more and more people are looking to adopt a new furry friend. Whether you're thinking about adopting your first pet or adding another to the family, it's important that you make a good decision by considering a few factors.

You've probably already asked yourself:

  • Do I have time for a pet?
  • Do I have the space for a pet?
  • Do I have the financial means to take care of a pet?

And if you answered "Yes" to all of these, then it's time to ask yourself a few more questions in order to make a great pet choice!

Do you have children?

If you have kids, it's essential to ask them what they want before adopting a pet. It's also important to know how capable your children are of taking care of a pet and how your intended pet reacts around children. Some pets don't do well with younger children, but just fine with tweens and teens. Lots of pet adoption centers will give you a "trial run" with a new pet to make sure they're a fit.


Do you have allergies?

If you have allergies, you are going to want to do some research on pets, as some pets are more allergenic than others. It's often recommended to adopt a pet that sheds less if allergies are a problem.


Do you have pets already?

If you already have a pet, it's important that the new pet and your current pet get along. Be sure to take the time to introduce your new pet to your existing pet in a non-threatening way - so they both know they'll be loved.


Are you ready to spend some time training your new pet?

Many pets that come from shelters have never been properly trained, so they may need some help with this - along with socialization. While training a new pet can be time-consuming, once your furry friend is used to their new home, life will likely run smoother!

Adopting a pet is a big step - but definitely a rewarding one! Use these questions to help you find a pet that’s a great match for you and your lifestyle - as it will make that bond even stronger!