Standard Bump-out Kit

This Standard Bump-out Kit contains the following parts:

  • (2) acrylic wall panels
  • (2) vertical corner tubes
  • (4) horizontal cross tubes
  • (4) corner connectors
  • (8) fastener sets

This kit will allow you to add a 2 ft. x 2 ft. expansion area perpendicular to one side of your existing pen. Note that this added area must extend from the existing pen at a corner, and it should not be added adjacent to the door. 


Since the Lucidium Dog Pen is modular, you can use these extra parts in a variety of ways to make your pen larger. You can even add two kits. However, we do not recommend making any straight wall section longer than (4) four consecutive 2 ft. panels.

Please remember that door assemblies must be hinged at a corner tube.


The Lucidium Dog Pen is designed for small to medium sized dogs. Ultimately, it is up to the pet owner to decide if this enclosure is appropriate for their pet. Some active medium dogs may be able to jump out of the pen. Some older or shorter large dogs may do well in this pen. If you are unsure, please consult with your veterinarian.

Please watch the video below to understand the pen assembly process. While this video specifically shows assembly of a 27″ tall, medium size pen, the process is similar for all models.

Introducing Your Dog to the New Pen

Once you have your pen assembled, bring your dog to the walls and tap on them with your fingers to introduce your dog to the concept of “clear” walls. Some dogs may bump into the walls at first, however most adjust quickly. If needed, place a strip of masking tape on the outside of the wall panels, at your dog’s eye level, for several days.

Cleaning Your New Dog Pen

The acrylic walls of the pen should be cleaned with non-ammonia glass cleaner or a solution of diluted vinegar and water (4 parts water to 1 part vinegar) and a soft cloth. Mild soap and water can also be used. Do not use ammonia based glass cleaners or any abrasive cleaners. Other parts of the pen may be cleaned with mild soap and water.


Periodically check fasteners to be sure they are snug. Check door hardware to be sure fasteners are secure. Do not over tighten any hardware.


The pen can be partially or completely disassembled (except the door frame, which is permanently assembled) if it needs to be stored or moved. Simply reverse the steps used to assemble it. To move the assembled pen, close and latch the door and secure the swing arm with the two sliding sleeves.


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