Standard Bump-out Kit

This Standard Bump-out Kit contains the following parts:

  • (2) acrylic wall panels
  • (2) vertical corner tubes
  • (4) horizontal cross tubes
  • (4) corner connectors
  • (8) fastener sets

This kit will allow you to add a 2 ft. x 2 ft. expansion area perpendicular to one side of your existing pen. Note that this added area must extend from the existing pen at a corner, and it should not be added adjacent to the door. 


Since the Lucidium Dog Pen is modular, you can use these extra parts in a variety of ways to make your pen larger. You can even add two kits. However, we do not recommend making any straight wall section longer than (4) four consecutive 2 ft. panels.

Please remember that door assemblies must be hinged at a corner tube.




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